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Dear Friends, Dear Customers,

My name is Bruno Vantieghem, I am French and moved to Portugal more than 6 years ago now. After having lived 10 years in NICE on the Côte D’azur and previously in the Paris region “Vallée de Chevreuse”.

Throughout this life journey, I have oscillated between real estate and property merchant.

As soon as I arrived in Portugal, I set up my VANTIMO REAL ESTATE Agency in Vilamoura in the Algarve because I have family ties there. The southern region is very pleasant and attractive to me because of my passion for Golf for many, many years. It is of course also conducive to finding a new corner of Paradise for my clients. It is a very pleasant region due to its climate and its wonderful coast. It is extremely varied and diverse. You can just as easily enjoy splendid natural landscapes, traditional fishing villages or seaside resorts where the party is in full swing. Anyway, you got it right, the Algarve and Portugal in general has become my adopted home!

Lisbon, this city of indescribable charm.

I invite you to discover its surroundings which I am sure will surprise you.

Since 2018, I have also been in LISBON to join my partner Sonia who is Portuguese.

In 6 years, a lot of things have happened and evolved. For my part, I have of course considerably extended my network related to my activities. My connections and partnerships with the most prestigious real estate agencies, which is an advantage for seizing the best opportunities there because, as you probably already know, Lisbon has become in a few years, a leading international destination.

So, it is a great pleasure for me to offer you exceptional and exclusive properties between Lisbon, Cascais and The Algarve (Faro, Vilamoura and Albufeira). I suggest that you be at your side in a buying or selling process, (Primary or secondary residence, Investments, promotions, etc.)

My clients are not always on site or available, your confidence is an activator of success.

When making a purchase or sale linked to the destination Portugal, the legal, fiscal, R.N.H status, obtaining tax status, GOLDEN VISA and opening a bank account must also be taken into consideration. Calling a lawyer is essential for me. Depending on your place of acquisition, I can advise you and present some of them in order to complete your acquisition or sale of your property in peace.

If your future real estate requires the use of an architect or the various building trades, I am also there to advise you and present you trustworthy entrepreneurs and real professionals, (Quote, skills and especially lead times) .

For Golfers, combining the useful with the pleasant!

Here is an original proposal to get to know better and discuss your real estate projects in Portugal.

As you certainly know, Portugal is blessed with magnificent courses. Rather than meeting us in a conventional place, I suggest a game of Golf.

During and after the game, for me, nothing better to get to know you.

Spending a few hours together will be fun at first, but above all it will allow me to fully understand what you want and are looking for.

If I offer it to you, it is because I am addicted to this sport but also for many of my clients, the experience has been pleasant and successful.

So why not with you !!!

Dear Friends and Customers, see you soon on a course or elsewhere!


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